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I wanted to reach out to everyone regarding the COVID-19 virus.  Our prayers go out to everyone who is dealing with this. I wanted to let you know what efforts Scherer Metals is making to reducing the spread of the virus as best we can, but also continue to provide a service for customers to the best of our ability without compromising the  health and safety of our workers/families and our customers.  

Scherer Metals is following the guidelines recommended by the CDC.

     1. Stay home if you are sick

     2. Fever

     3. Dry Cough

     4. Shortness of breath


Things Scherer Metals is doing to prevent the spread of the virus

     1. Wash hands for a min of 20 seconds with soap and water

     2. Avoid close contact and keep to small groups

     3. Cover cough and sneezes

     4. Clean and disinfect often

     5. Use only your own personal items (such as phones and computers)

     6. Spray and disinfect all areas of common use areas

We are trying to keep up with all communications as they become available to the construction industry and community.  If anyone (employees and/or customers) have any questions, they can feel free to contact me.  Lets all do our part and try and keep this virus at bay by doing our part as individuals.  

Peter Bolan


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